Streaming Media Reserves

This page covers information on streaming media reserves at the Barnard Library. For information on how to check out Reserves, lending periods, fines, and more, please visit the Course Reserves page. For faculty information on requesting course reserves, please see the Placing Items on Reserve page. 

The Barnard Library Reserves department accepts streaming media requests for required Barnard course materials. For supplementary or recommended media materials, faculty members can utilize CourseWorks as applicable (see the Columbia CTL knowledge base for help with managing course content on CourseWorks).

The Library currenty provides streaming media access for any title already within a Barnard/Columbia owned database (see CLIO for an updated list of streaming media resources available), or public domain titles. A list of required films must be provided to the Course Reserves Manager in advance of the semester start date, i.e. August 1 for Fall 2017, November 15 for Spring 2018. For requests outside of this period, the Library processes materials in the order that they are received, and it may take several weeks to obtain a streaming license or purchase and add a DVD copy.

For classes of 35 students or more requiring streaming films not within CLIO databases, Barnard Reserves staff can check if the film is available via two licensing services, Swank and Kanopy. When notified by the faculty member, the Library will purchase any required DVD not already in our collection, to ensure that a copy is available for checkout and use in the library media center.

Films will be posted by Course Reserves staff, on the page associated with the specific course number. Links to streaming films on reserve will be accessible through Courseworks only, not via CLIO. See below for example. “The Mission” is a SWANK film, and uses an e-reserves link to be accessed.

Course Reserves requests must be in compliance with the United States Copyright Act of 1976, Section 107. Please consult the Columbia University Libraries Copyright Policy for full guidelines. Questions can be directed to the Barnard Library Reserves Assistant.

Request streaming media materials for course reserves along with your usual reserves process: