Jen Brown, Jenna Freedman, Jen Green, and Melanie Hibbert present at the American Library Association annual conference on Diversity, Equity, and Justice; a union catalog for zines, the Milstein Center, and DIY video creation, respectively.

Tune in to Jen Brown's Webinar for the Association of College Research Libraries on race pedagogies.

The talk will be followed by a reception to celebrate our collaborative work this past academic year.

Last February, middle schoolers from the Blue School took a field trip to the Barnard Zine Library.

This event is a follow-up to the participatory workshop that took place in March.

Charlotte Price will be co-presenting a poster at the Libary Association of the City of New York on May 3rd.

Jenna Freedman will be speaking at the University of Milwaukee on April 5th.

Marisa Parham taught us how to put pressure on the digital.

They will be exhibiting in the Expo area.

Join the Emerging Technologies Consortium for an exciting discussion about future technologies.