What BLAIS staff have been reading, July 2018 edition.

Screenprint a tote bag or your own item(s) at our meet & greet event.

A playful adventure that introduces participants to library resources and services (including all the fancy new labs), not to mention our ever-popular sticker set.

Nearly complete run: August 1991-November 1994

Our Books Are Back, and We're Putting Them in Their Place!

Marko Krkeljas is the new Software Developer & Academic Technologist, and Guy de Lancey is the new Studio Manager and Technician.

What BLAIS staff have been reading, June 2018 edition.

Barnard Library News for July 2018!

Elana Altman is the new Academic Technologist for Web & UX, and Rachel James is the new Media & Instruction Specialist.

Young Women's Leadership Initiative workshop led by Jade Levine, Jenna Freedman, and Jennie Correia