Race and Ethnicity

This event is a follow-up to the participatory workshop that took place in March.

Marisa Parham taught us how to put pressure on the digital.

Jen Brown announces the publication of her first novelette in science fantasy literature magazine, "FIYAH".

Join us for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon inspired by our Algorithms of Oppression reading group!

“What emerges from these pages is the sense that Google’s algorithms of oppression comprise just one of the hidden infrastructures that govern our daily lives, and that the others are likely just as hard-coded with white supremacy and misogyny as the one that Noble explores.” (Wikipedia, Algorithms of Oppression)

They discussed difficulties facing people of Haitian descent living in the Dominican Republic. 

SNCC focused on voter registration and on mounting a systemic challenge to the white supremacy that governed the country’s entrenched political, economic and social structures.

Zakiya presented at The Legacy Project in Weeksville, and Marya presented at the African American History, Culture, and Digital Humanities Conference at the University of Maryland.

Celebrating the life of a pioneering black feminist.

Dive into the fraught history of immigration to the US.