24 Hour Open for Reading Period & Final Exams

Tuesday, May 7-Friday, May 17, 2019
Milstein Center

Poster with info about 24 hour open, with bright colors and drawings of a meditating bear, smiling heart and star, charging plug, and tipping coffee cup.

For Reading Days & Final Exams, we will be open 24 hours a daystarting Tuesday May 7th, 8:00 AM until Friday, May 17, 2:00 AM. The Circulation & Help Desk will open during regular hours.

We have a few tips and resources to share because we care about you, your wellness, and your scholarship.

When you’re studying, remember to take breaks! Here are a few ways you can do that in the Library:

  • Hydrate! Water fountains are located on each floor near the bathrooms.
  • Enjoy fresh air on one of the terraces!
  • Take time for prayer or meditation! You can use the resources on the 4th floor near the staircase.
  • Connect with friends! We have games you can play together located on the 2nd floor near the Zine Library.
  • Browse for fun! We have a great selection of magazines, zines and DVDs - all on the 2nd floor. 

Want help with research, technology, and resources? We’ve got you covered!

  • Ask for help! We’re here at the Circulation & Help Desk is on the 2nd floor:
    • Mon-Thurs 9:00am-11:45pm
    • Fri 9:00am-8:45pm
    • Sat 11:00am-5:45pm
    • Sun 10:00am-11:45pm
  • Get research support! Contact your Personal Librarian M-F 10:00am-6:00pm at library.barnard.edu/personal-librarians
  • Recharge. Your phone charging station is on the 1st floor

Let us know what needs clean up or restocking. 

  • Call Facilities at 212-854-2041

Do you feel like you need to talk with somebody? Reach out! 

  • Nightline Peer Listening 
    • 10:00pm-3:00am at 212-854-7777
  • Furman Counseling

With love from Barnard Library Staff!

May. 7, 2019 - 8:00 AM