A Different Kind of Data Rescue: Digitizing & Preserving Obsolete Analog Video

Endangered Data Week Presentation by XFR Collective
Monday, February 26
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Mehler Parlor, Elliott Hall

Archivists who work with audiovisual materials have suggested that we currently face a “magnetic media crisis”—and that by 2030, all analog video and audio formats will be unplayable, resulting in the loss of a great deal of valuable historical documentation (or “data”). In this #EndangeredDataWeek workshop, members of the XFR Collective will offer a general introduction to the challenges and opportunities of this "magnetic media crisis." We’ll discuss a range of existing strategies for preserving and stewarding analog media collections; consider the ways in which the magnetic media crisis disproportionately affects media documenting marginalized communities; debunk some notions around "best" practices in audio/visual archives and preservation; and talk about the ways in which the XFR Collective and other DIY/grassroots projects work to address these issues.

Endangered Data Week (February 26–March 2, 2018) new, collaborative effort, coordinated across campuses, nonprofits, libraries, citizen science initiatives, and cultural heritage institutions, to shed light on public datasets that are in danger of being deleted, repressed, mishandled, or lost. 

As part of the Barnard Library's celebration of Endangered Data Week, members of the XFR Collective will hold a presentation on Monday, February 26 11-12:30 in Mehler Parlor, Elliott Hall. XFR Collective is a non-profit organization that partners with artists, activists, individuals, and groups to lower the barriers to preserving at-risk audiovisual media – especially unseen, unheard, or marginalized works – by providing low-cost digitization services and fostering a community of support for archiving and access through education, research, and cultural engagement.

All are welcome. There will be doughnuts and other offerings for various dietary preferences and restrictions.

Feb. 26, 2018 - 11:00 AM