Ask & Answer Tour: Chase Joynt & Vivek Shraya

Monday, October 17th
7 PM
Held Auditorium, 304 Barnard Hall
ASK & ANSWER features award-winning, multidisciplinary artists Chase Joynt
and Vivek Shraya, presenting their new books—Joynt’s first book You Only Live Twice: Sex, Death, and Transition (Coach House Books), and Shraya's debut poetry collection even this page is white (Arsenal Pulp Press).
Co-authored with Mike Holboom, Chase Joynt's You Only Live Twice  explores the authors' experiences of what they call "second lives." Writes author Maggie Nelson: "Chase Joynt and Mike Hoolboom here give each other the gift so many people only dream of: ample, unhurried space to unspool crucial stories of one’s life, and an attentive, impassioned, invested, intelligent receiver on the other side."
Vivek Shraya’s debut collection of poetry, even this page is white, is a bold, timely and personal interrogation of skin—its origins, functions and limitations. Author Shani Mootoo writes of the book, "This brave and very contemporary lyrical collection dares to ask the unspoken yet screaming questions, to finish the sentence that hurts, that reveals, that provokes, that celebrates. Like a Durga goddess, Shraya juggles with deft hands the multiple aspects of desire, race, gender, queerness and contemporary pop culture."
Oct. 17, 2016 - 7:00 PM