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Nov 4

MeMoSa: Untethered 21 with Nona Hendryx

Movement Lab, Milstein Center, LL020

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Introducing a work in progress by Movement Lab Artist-in-Residence, Nona Hendryx, training her avatar ‘Cyboracle,’ interpreting and translating sounds of the soul with visuals. Integrating Nona’s ‘audio tutu,’ with the Mi.mu Gloves and using Motion Capture sensors, to effect and amplify the souls’ voice, trigger and project images and light. Sound and motion, darkness and light, untethered, creating improvised SoundPlays.

Reception with food and drink, 5pm. MeMoSa begins 5:30pm


Nona writes:

Nona Hendryx striking a pose with her arms out in a black outfit and her "audio tutu".
Nona Hendryx wearing her "audio tutu," photo by Marc Baptiste.

Untethered: I amplify Echos of the Impossible
Performing in my electro-acoustic ‘audio tutu’ amplified by a built in sound system and using other wireless instruments, I am able to activate sound sources through movement, creating improvised SoundPlays. With prepared and improvised treated sound, unrelated lyrics, triggering random visual images and lights each makes ‘audio tutu’ performance unique and unrepeatable.  Using traditional and non-traditional instruments, computers, samplers, wireless microphones, I am untethered and I can explore and use an entire space as a stage. The ability to perform in unintended and unexpected spaces is inspiring and exciting.  Exploring space and time, technology, words, music and movement. Exploring the unknown with the known, the impossible becomes true possible.  

‘I am amplified’.  I affect my voice with movement, trigger sound, lights and visuals, Moving/Sound/Light Plays.  I ‘tossed it at the wall and see what sticks’.


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