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Signing up for a Zotero Account

  • You can sign up for a Zotero account on the registration page.
  • The account allows you to synchronize an unlimited number of citations to the cloud from your desktop version of Zotero.
  • Each account receives 100mb of file storage for items like PDFs.

Logging In and Out of Zotero

  • To enter your Zotero account information first open the Preferences window of Zotero.

image of preference menu 




Preferences is located in the Gear pull down menu




  • Enter your login information in the Sync tab.

sync tab  

Sync tab icon


  • If you are logged in on a shared computer, make sure to delete your log-in information after you are done.

Sync your Library to your Account on the Zotero Server

  • The "Snyc" button above the third Zotero column allows you to save all the information saved in your Zotero desktop version to your account on the Zotero server.  If you have references stored there, they will also be added to your desktop version of Zotero.
  • It is not possible to save references directly to your online account. You must first import them into your desktop Zotero, and then sync them.

Collaborate with Other Researchers Using Zotero

  • You can discover and follow other people's Zotero libraries at
  • Set up your own Zotero profile by logging in to your account and clicking "Settings" along the top of the webpage. It allows you to select your discipline, upload a CV, and under the "Privacy" heading share your library with other users.
  • Create Groups in order to collaborate with research partners. You can create public or private groups.

new group button  

Use this button to launch the Group creation tool


  • Group collections show up below your own library in the left-hand pane of the Zotero window, but only after you sync your references from your desktop version of Zotero to your online Zotero account.


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