On Thursday, February 7th, at 7:00pm, the Barnard College Archives and the Barnard SGA will host an Archives Open House. All students are welcome to come by the Archives and learn about the gems hidden in the collections--including letters and manuscripts written by early American women writers (Dickinson, Cather, Wharton, Stowe, and many more), documentation of the suffragist movement at Barnard, Mortarboards from 1894 to the present day, amazing photographs of students and buildings throughout Barnard's history, student publications, and more. Archivists will give an information session on using archival resources--from Barnard’s collections or other archives--for your research, and there will be giveaways of historical programs from the Greek Games. Come discover your history!

What: Archives Open House, hosted by SGA and the Barnard College Archives

When: February 7th, 7:00pm

Where: Barnard College Archives, 19 Lehman Hall (in the tunnel across from the Economics offices)