Zinester Interviews with Musicians
Zines from Barnard Zine Library
Presentation Wednesday 9/19 at 4pm
754 Schermerhorn Extension

Music doesn't tell the whole story about punk rock feminist activism. Zines were and are an essential element of riot grrrl and young women's self-empowerment. Zines address a myriad of personal, political and do-it-yourself themed topics and are also an important source of documentation of the youth and subculture scene(s) they represent. The Barnard Zine Library's Girls Write exhibit and presentation will highlight the symbiotic relationship between music and zines by reproducing zine girl interviews with musicians from bands including Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Cub, Le Tigre, Lois and more.

Lois interview image: Kim, P. (1994). Fuzzy Heads Are Better, [Zine] No. 1. Zines K55f