Associate Director of Learning Initiatives and Data Services Heather Van Volkinburg has been elected to the governing body of the National Numeracy Network (NNN). Dr. Van Volkinburg is the first librarian elected to this office. She is eager to raise the profile of library initiatives like Barnard's Empirical Reasoning Lab in national conversations about numeric literacy.

The relatively new organization's vision statement reads, "The National Numeracy Network envisions a society in which all citizens possess the power and habit of mind to search out quantitative information, critique it, reflect upon it, and apply it in their public, personal and professional lives."

Dr. Van Volkinburg finds NNN appealing for its constituency of highly invested teacher-scholars who support data across the curriculum. One of her goals for her service in NNN's leadership is to help the organization increase its offerings of online resources.

A STEM institution with impressive gender parity, four of the six new NNN board members are women. Historically, the board has been comprised of professors in a variety of STEM and social science disciplines and directors of quantitative learning centers.

Dr. Van Volkinburg's term will begin on November 2, 2013 at the organization's annual conference in San Diego.