A new digital dark age?

It might feel like your stuff is there forever in some magic server in the sky, but smarter people than us are worried that we are headed for a digital dark age because nobody is thinking about how to keep those files alive into a future that extends further than your Facebook timeline.  After all, as anybody who’s tried to open a WordPerfect 12 file lately knows, history only exists if you can open the file–and don’t get me started about stuff that’s stranded on a 3.5-inch diskette.

Remember these?
Image courtesy of FaceMePLS via Flikr (CC-BY)

So, how do you keep all those file names straight?  What happens to that paper when you save it on the library workstation?  Is there some easy way to back up your work?  To keep track of versions of photos as you crop and edit them?  And what about long-term preservation?

If managing your digital stuff leaves you feeling lost in the clouds then bring your lunch and your questions and join us in Butler Library 523 on Thursday, September 13th at 1pm.

We promise a rapid-fire series of brief presentations from our panel of experts followed by an open Q&A so that you don’t have to face a world where your parents’ Polaroids last longer than your Instagrams!

By Rob Hilliker, Academic Commons Manager

Link to Facebook event page for “Gone In A Flash?” Personal Digital Archiving Workshop, Butler Library 523 on 9/13: http://on.fb.me/QsphhJ