Upgrade your critical thinking skills at our free workshops beginning Monday, April 15, in the training lab on the first floor of the library.

Mon April 15:

12:15 - 1pm: Thinking Outside the Box - Media Literacy, with Miriam Neptune
Explore strategies for being a more informed viewer, and examine howdeveloping a critical eye can help you find your own creative voice in thefray.

Tues April 16:
12:15 - 1pm: Navigating Digital Collections, with Shannon O'Neill and Stephanie Neel
Explore the do's and don'ts of utilizing digital collections for your research, and how to access and analyze these collections.  See examples of digital collections for various academic subjects.

Wed April 17:
12:15 - 1pm: Acquiring Visual Literacy, with Heidi Winston and Kai Alexis Smith
Learn why visual literacy is important (across disciplines, including, but also beyond, the arts); discuss the skills and tools needed to develop proficiency.

6:15 - 1pm: Searching for Global News and Alternative Media, with Vani Natarajan
We'll find and assess news sources well beyond the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Considering the textual, audiovisual, and
multilingual, we'll explore the creation and transformation of news: its circuits, traces, and transnational pathways.

All workshops will be held in the BLAIS Digital Training Lab, Library 1st Floor

Sponsored by Research and Instruction Services, Instructional Media and Technology Services, and the Empirical Reasoning Lab @ the Barnard Library.