Wrap your Kindle in a Book

Barnard student Maya Cookson, being a Barnard student, wanted to find a way to symbolically as well as physically gift wrap a present for her boyfriend.

Maya writes "I had tried to use the Communist Manifesto to gut out and use to stow the kindle, but sadly the copy I found was too small... my idea was that it would be a sort of double meaning: first, that the kindle represents amazon, which is probably the diametric opposite of the sentiments promulgated in Marx's Communist Manifesto! second, I am a senior in sociology and at this point, there would be nothing quite so satisfying to me than to cut up and defile a symbol of one of the founding fathers of social theory.

"I settled on a book about Italian feminism to give my boyfriend a good scare before he discovered what was actually in it. heh heh heh."

Barnard librarians were happy to give her a discarded book to defile. Don't worry; we wouldn't throw away a book on Italian feminism without replacing it. :)