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BLAIS Staff have been making major contributions to Columbia University's Academic Commons! Academic Commons is Columbia University's digital repository where faculty, students, and staff of Columbia and its affiliate institutions, including BLAIS staff, can deposit the results of their scholarly work and research. Content in Academic Commons is freely available to the public.

These are some highlights of access records for BLAIS staff contributions from January-December 2017. 

The Most Downloaded in 2017: 

  1. 6 Steps to Publishing a Scholarly Online Journal (For Free!) by Elizabeth A. Kroski
  2. Review of The Promise of Happiness, by Sara Ahmed by Vani M. Natarajan
  3. ANSCRing the question: A hands-on approach to sound recording classification for college libraries by Charlotte E. Price
  4. The Social Tools of Web 2.0: Opportunities for Academic Libraries by Elizabeth A. Kroski
  5. Cutter and Paste: A DIY Guide for Catalogers Who Don’t Know About Zines and Zine Librarians Who Don't Know About Cataloging by Jenna Freedman and Rhonda Kauffman

In total, 25 items in the Academic Commons have been authored by the BLAIS staff. Over "Lifetime," they have been viewed over 24,000 times and downloaded over 22,400 times. Wow!