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Nominations are now open for BLAIS staff and student workers (Archives, Collections, ERL, IMATS & Zines) to identify professor(s) with whom they had a rewarding collaboration in the 2013-14 academic year. Nominations are due April 11 18, 2014.

[Photo from this Japanese blog]

Nominations will be evaluated on the project's success in engaging one or more of these learning standards from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education:

  • oral and written communication
  • scientific and quantitative reasoning
  • critical analyis and reasoning
  • technological competency

The awards jury will also consider the faculty member's growth in skills, knowledge and understanding of the library staff's role in scholarship, teaching and learning, as well as factors including the collboration process and how innovative the project is.

Award winners will be honored with a proclamation, a library display highlighting themes or materials from the project, a reception, and lunch with their nominator.


The jury is comprised of the Communications Committee (Com Com): Jenna Freedman, Miriam Neptune, Shannon O'Neill and Robert Weinstein, and Library Dean Lisa Norberg. Jury members are ineligible to make nominations without recusing themselves.