BLAIS staff members received a $25,000 COOL Grant to pilot programming for the new Milstein Teaching and Learning Center, which will open in Fall 2018. BLAIS staff will use the funds to facilitate programmatic content for Barnard students, faculty, and staff members during the 2017-2018 academic year in anticipation of the opening of the Teaching and Learning Center’s Digital Commons, as well as its Computational Science Center.

COOL Grants are awarded for Barnard projects that “continue the development of digital and innovative pedagogical and research projects begun by the Committee on Online and On-Campus Learning (COOL).”

The Digital Commons will be made of teaching labs that utilize new media and digital technology, including the Empirical Reasoning Center, Digital Humanities Center, Creativity Lab & Media Studio, and Movement Science Lab.

A few proposed programs include data analysis tool workshops for students; a speaker series of interdisciplinary arts and science scholars; a one-day dance festival and conference celebrating work by black, brown, and disabled dancers; and workshops on the multiple academic uses of text mining and text visualizations.

BLAIS staff and Barnard faculty members who will share the COOL grant include Alisa Rod and David Weiman (Empirical Reasoning Center), Ben Rosner and Brian Mailloux (Computational Science Center), Abby Lee and Gabri Christa (Movement Science Lab), Melanie Hibbert (Creativity Lab & Media Studio), and Anne Higonnet (Digital Humanities Center). Congratulations to all!