BLAIS staff supports Barnard Summer Programs!

June 28, 2017

Just because it's summer, it doesn't mean that the library's empty!

BLAIS staff members are keeping busy by supporting a number of programs at Barnard this summer, including many of Barnard's Pre-College Programs.

Here's information about a selection:

  • Lois Coleman, Jennie Correia, and Melanie Hibbert are leading poster-making workshops for Summer Research Institute students.
  • Jennie Correia and Jenna Freedman led a feminist research workshop for the Young Women's Leadership Institute.
  • Jenna Freedman led a workshop on zines with manifestos in them for Laura Ciolkowski's YWLI Women's Studies 101 class.
  • IMATS staff has been supporting Helen Kaplan's Pre-College Program filmmaking class, teaching high school students production skills.