Barnard Archives digitizes Scrapbooks!

April 6, 2017

Barnard Archives archival fellows Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez and Hannah Sistrunk have embarked on the project of digitizing materials created by former students. The scrapbooks are compilations of artifacts including newspaper clippings, photos, valentines, letters, theater programs, and other handwritten and printed materials.

As Sistrunk explains, "As part of a collaborative NEH-funded grant project, we are digitizing 13 scrapbooks and three diaries of Barnard alums dating from 1892-1913."

Ooh - historical diaries! Where can we find them? 

"These materials will be made available as part of the Barnard Digital Collections, and on the College Women Portal. In addition to making these materials accessible and searchable, this project has been a chance to establish overhead digitization processes for the Barnard Archives to be able to capture preservation quality images of large, fragile, and complex objects like scrapbooks. We have already imaged several volumes, and are working to describe them and prepare the digital images for online display." 

Here are a couple of "action shots" from the process: