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BLAIS Open Access Policy

adopted November 2014

Per the Barnard College Library Academic & Information Services (BLAIS) Vision, Mission and Values statement, BLAIS advocates for the wide dissemination of ideas, knowledge, and information to benefit the college and the global community. We believe that free access to information is a core value of the library profession, and that open access to research is critical for scholarly communication and the advancement of knowledge.



We, the administrative staff of BLAIS, commit to make our research and other output accessible to the public through Columbia University’s institutional repository, Academic Commons, or through an appropriate alternative open-access repository as appropriate, endeavoring to do so within one month of the work's publication. We will seek publishers that have adopted open access policies, publish contents online without restriction, and/or allow authors to self-archive their publications on the web.

We will promote open access resources by including them in our collections and instruction as appropriate. We will limit professional service to open access journals for editing, advisory board participation and peer review.


This resolution applies to output that comes in the following forms:

  • journal articles

  • book chapters

  • professional blog posts

  • presentation slides

  • data sets

Where possible and appropriate, individuals in BLAIS will consider opening their personal creative work by giving it a Creative Commons license.

In drafting our policy, we considered similar initiatives by library faculties and administrators from Gustavus Adolphus College, Columbia University and several CUNY schools.