Barnard archivists Shannon O'Neill and Martha Tenney have arranged for the entire 120-year (so far) run of the Barnard College yearbook, Mortarboard (previously known as The Barnard Annual), to be digitized and made available on the Internet Archive.

The project came about when James Schwartz and his daughter Jessica Schwartz '13, wanted to make a gift to the college to support scholarship around and genealogy of Jewish students at Barnard. Upon being approached by the Schwartz family, Miriam Boyce from Barnard's development department got in touch with Shannon to see if there was room for collaboration. Shannon and Martha identified digitizing the Mortarboards as a relevant project. The Schwartzes loved the idea and made the project possible with their generous gift to the College and the Archives. Archives assistant Alice Griffin '15 also contributed to the project, selecting yearbooks to be digitized and providing quality control.

You can read and download yearbook volumes going back to 1894. Links to Internet Archive holdings from Barnard College:

Future issues will be included in the Barnard Archives yet-to-be-launched digital collections, where they will be even more searchable than they are in the IA implementation.

Page excerpt, 1894 Barnard Annual