Black & Pink Holiday Party - a success!

December 15, 2016

Last Wednesday, BLAIS staff held a letter writing party where participants created holiday cards for LGBTQ incarcerated indiviudals; an important and meaningful way to extend support during the holiday season. 

Digital Archivist Martha Tienney, who organized the event, shared her experience: 

"The letter writing party was such a successful event! 

"We really enjoyed coming together with students to make the cards. It was a great way to have a conversation about incarceration, as well as to share support during the holiday season. A big thank you to everyone who came!" 

And Archivist Shannon O' Neill commented: "It was really wonderful to see so many people participating. I have a lot of gratitude for my colleague, Martha, for organizing this event." 

This event was hosted in partnership with Black & Pink, an organization that supports similar parties across the country.  

Barnard librarian DJs Charlotte Price and Meredith Wisner

Full house for card making! View looking north.

Full house for card making! View looking south.

Thank you to everyone who helped out & made approximately 100 holiday cards!