Dean Jennifer Green presents at ILIDE Conference 2017

April 20, 2017

Jennifer Green, the recently appointed Dean of the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS), presented at the ILIDE (Innovative Library in Digital Era) 2017 conference. The event was held in Jasna, Slovakia, a village in the heart of the country, nestled among the  ski-friendly slopes of the Low Tatras mountains. 

Presenters at the two-day conference addressed topics ranging broadly within the field of digital scholarship and initiatives from around the world. Talks included explorations of present-day issues, such as "Libraries in the tension between digital humanities, research data, and research infrastructures," as well as specific applications of digital technology: "Reproducible Research Data Analyses in LHC Particle Physics." 

Green's paper was titled "Presentation: Complexity, Interdependence, and Scale: The Problem of Research Data from the Service Angle." She explains, "I spoke about scaling Research Data Services at the University of Michigan Library, where I led an initiative to infuse data concepts and best practices into the daily life of the library (staff of 400+), and created an Institutional Data Repository. Many of the attendees were from Central and Eastern European countries, and appreciated having panels of expertise travel to meet them closer to home."