Date: Tuesday, March 18th
Time: 11am-1pm
Location: Studio@Butler (208 Butler Library)
Hastag: #GWWI

Join Barnard Library & Academic Information Services, Columbia Libraries/Information Services Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, and Metropolitan New York Library Council for the Global Women Wikipedia Write-In, when we invite you to join us to write entries about women from around the world into Wikipedia and to improve existing entries on these topics. This event is part of the Rewriting Wikipedia Project, which aims to encourage new people to become Wikipedia editors, to provide support for new editors, and to develop best practices for rewriting Wikipedia. Anybody – not just women – is welcome to create and edit articles that will add to the diversity of Wikipedia. This event is free and open to all the Columbia community and the general public. During the hands-on event a range of issues about Wikipedia will be covered, including: how to set up a user account, basic and advanced editing of Wikipedia articles, uploading and posting photos and images, reading "Talk" pages and understanding references. We’ll also show residents how to conduct research and answer questions regarding the use of Wikipedia in the classroom. We will have computers to loan to attendees, but do encourage you to bring your own laptops. More information.