Graduate Fellow presents at CUNY and Pace University

February 14, 2017

Within the next few weeks, Barnard Library's Graduate Communication Fellow, Elvis Bakaitis, will present at the CUNY Graduate Center and Pace University.

The topic? Zines!

The CUNY workshop (February 28th) will focus on the magical potential of zines, for self-expression as well as research & teaching. Questions like "where do you find 'em," and "Can a zine be 'scholarly'?" will be explored, as well as the ethics + format of zine citation. 

At Pace University on March 23rd, Elvis will lead the students in a zine/comics-making workshop and present their own work on the topics of queer herstory & reclaiming historical subjects. 

On January 28th, Elvis hosted a presentation on "Queer Zines" at the Brooklyn Public Library's Central branch! Many intriguing ideas were discussed, including the use of the zine format to create a "manifesto," and as a challenge to homonormativity and mainstream assimilation.