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On December 3rd, the CEP held a discussion called "Histories of Architecture and Feminism: Doing Feminist Historiography with/in the Library." In this discussion, Professor Anooradha Siddiqi and librarians and archivists Shannon O’Neill and Martha Tenney talked about their experiences of and intentions for collaborating on Professor Siddiqi's Fall 2018 course, Histories of Architecture and Feminism. 

Students also shared their projects and discoveries from the course. The course was unique in that it created an environment where creative tension, critical reflection, and dialogue are integral parts of scholarship. It confronts questions of what it means to write histories of architecture and feminism, and engages archival collections "to think about how evidence is mobilized in the construction of narratives, and to experiment with the development of 'feminist' and 'architectural' methods."

In addition, students from the course are exhibiting selections of their research in the Archives and Special Collection's Reading Room (Room 423, Milstein Center). The exhibit will be up through the start of the spring semester in January.

Audience members are engaged in discussion. On the screen, another participant is being video conferenced in.

Professor Anooradha Siddiqi, and Librarians Shannon O'Neill and Martha Tenney stand together and smile