November 3, 2016

IMATS's 360 video proposal was selected as a showcase project at SXSWEdu 2017!

Here's BLAIS Interim Director Alexis Seeley, Associate Director of IMATS Melanie Hibbert, Specialist Abby Lee, and Dance Professor Gabri Christa's pitch:
"We intend to display (with multiple types of VR cardboard viewers) the use of VR/360 video from recorded dance performances. Barnard College has one of the top dance programs in the country, and we aim to show how innovative media capturing and display can enhance the teaching and understanding of dance. While video recording dance as "two ­dimensional" has its merits, the use of VR/360 really allows the viewer to immerse themselves into the choreography and performances. (And if they so wish, learn the dance moves from these 3­D media artifacts)."

Images don't do this project justice, you have to watch and interact with the 360 videos!

IMATS staff will continue to work with faculty in dance forms including modern, ballet, hip-hop, and tap for textures and clips.