IMATS + Virtual Reality

March 16, 2017
News from IMATS! In a recent article posted on EdSurge, an online news platform that reports on the "latest news and trends in the edtech industry," both Melanie Hibbert, Associate Director of Instructional Media Services, and Abby Lee, Instructional Media Services Assistant, were quoted on the topic of Virtual Reality (VR).
As the article notes, Virtual Reality technologies are being incorporated for educational uses - and cites the creative uses here at Barnard: 
"One student choreographer at Barnard, for instance, filmed a rehearsal of a dance troupe she works with using the 360-degree camera. Once she was able to view the footage through a head-mounted VR rig, she noticed things she hadn’t realized and made changes to her choreography, says Melanie Hibbert, associate director of instructional media services for Barnard."
And check out the IMATS project: 360/ VR Dance Reel