IMATS feature presentation at the New Media Consortium: Can’t A Student Do That?

June 13, 2016

Barnard Library Interim Director Alexis Seeley, IMATS Associate Director Melanie Hibbert, and IMATS Department Assistant Abby Lee are presenting a featured session at the New Media Consortium summer conference in Rochester, NY.

Their talk is called Can't a Student Do That?

Looking to create an affordable, scaleable, cutting edge student managed media department? This session will demonstrate how Barnard College utilizes students to capture lectures, manage an equipment room, and provide trainings to students and faculty. Not only have campus needs been met on the cheap, this approach has an inherent purpose of teaching undergraduates production skills and helps them develop proficiencies through real-world experiences that have a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives.

The three are also leading a breakout session: As the Educational Media World Turns…

“ evil twin deleted my data while I had amnesia!” This hands-on video production workshop features an activity on creating soap opera scenes for educational purposes (based on a telenovela video project from a foreign language course at Barnard College). This is a condensed workshop on pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution processes. Participants will script and storyboard, shoot, edit, then screen their dramatic scenes. Discover the ways media can communicate ideas beyond text; learn basic production skills; and think about how media can enhance instruction. Required: smartphone or webcam-enabled computer.