Jennie Correia, Social Sciences Librarian, Has Compiled 2 New Research Guides!

March 12, 2018

Jennie Correia, Librarian of Social Sciences, has compiled two new research guides on finding economics data!

Find them here:

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Data Sources (Econ BC3039)

Behavioral Economics Data Sources (Econ BC3063)


Though they were created for specific classes, they will definitely be of interest to people outside those classes as well! For example, check out:

Global Open Data Index:  A crowdsourced survey that measures the openness of government data according to the Open Definition; it helps you find and evaluate how usable and transparent an open goverenment data portal might be!

Global overview of openness of government data.


Data in Brief: A data journal and academic publication that focuses on the collection, description, and sharing of data rather than the original findings scholars draw from the data. Data journals can be great places to search for potential datasets! Data in Brief accepts submissions that describe data from all research areas.

Schematic depictions of images of blue agave leaf fibers and blue agave bagasse fibers after different treatments. These data and analyses support the research article “Production of cellulose nanoparticles from blue agave waste treated with environmentally friendly processes” 


TIGER from the U.S. Census Bureau: The Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing database—the first nationwide digital map of roads, boundaries, and other features—offers common map data in electronic form that powers the geographic information system (GIS) industry today.

Explanation of TIGER Database, A Topological Database for GIS, found through Jennie's Econ BC3039 Guide

If you have any suggestions about additions to these guides, send them to! The research guides are always evolving and welcome community input.