Librarian Charlotte Price Presents on Fat Studies in Boston

March 30, 2016

On March 19th, performing arts librarian Charlotte Price traveled to Boston to give a talk on fat studies at the Eastern Sociological Society Meeting. Her talk, entitled “Sizeism in the Stacks,” discusses the ways in which librarians can work against size discrimination in libraries. Charlotte began with a short introduction of fat studies, an interdisciplinary field of scholarship that rigorously critiques the negative assumptions and stigma placed on fat bodies. She went on to discuss the ways in which libraries often take a fat bias, such as through Library of Congress subject headings (e.g. “obesity”) and the relegation of books about body positivity to the medical section of their stacks, and the way that critical librarians can effectively work to combat this discrimination. This talk comes fresh of the heels of Charlotte's poster presentation at the Music Library Association conference in Cincinnati earlier in March.