Library Beautification/Paint Night

The Barnard Library will continue to live in Lehman Hall for thirteen more weeks, and we want it to be a welcoming place to interact with library staff and to study. We're prettying it up for you! And inviting you to pretty it up for yourselves. What's already happened or is in the works:

  • Cubicles have been moved to the 3rd floor which will become a quiet(er), individualized study zone. There will be some group/table study space on the 3rd floor as well, for those of you who like to spread out.
  • The 2nd floor will consist primarily of group/table study space, but we'll be adding some alternative seating choices -- bean bag chairs!

    We call our bean bag chairs "Big Joe," short for Josefina. She has a pocket for your pocket calculator.

  • Providing extension cords (which will be covered to prevent tripping) to help make studying at these tables with your computer easier!
    • note, some of the cubicle spaces will lose access to power outlets so you might want to charge-up or scope out which cubicles will still allow you to plug-in.
  • Small areas of softer seating options will be available on both floors.
  • Ultimately there will be a massive increase in study space on campus this semester -- 79% more, in fact.
  • We'll be sweeping, mopping and vacuuming to make the library a bit more tidy (with the help of the facilities department--thanks, facilities!).
  • We're also going to try to make the library inviting with some savvy decorative touches. you've seen the wonders we can do with buttons, patches, and silkscreens, so we promise the library will look really nice.

Where you come in:

flier by Suze Myers

The deets in machine readable text:

Monday October 5th, 6-8pm
Barnard Library, 2nd Floor

Come make your mark on Lehman (Hall, not Library)
Earn a commemorative iron-on patch!
Dress to paint/BYO Smock!

MASSIVE THANKS to the library beautification posse, led by College Archivist Shannon O'Neill: Performing Arts Librarian Charlotte Price, Daytime Circulation Superviser Garrett Sumner, and Student Communications Assistant Suze Myers '16. We are also grateful to BLAIS Interim Director Alexis Seeley for transporting tables, shower curtains, and succulents, and other things that shall go unnamed.