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A brown bear standing on its hind legs, with thick-rimmed glasses, holding a tablet with "CLIO" on the screen, and a mug of tea in its paws. Finals are in full swing, and the Milstein Center has been bustling. To improve students' experiences of using the Quiet Study/Group Study rooms, we've created a sign-up sheet for reserving time slots. If you'd like to reserve a room for study, please:

  • Use the sign-up sheet
  • Limit your use to up to 4 consecutive hours and up to 4 hours each day (12a-11:59p)
  • Cross out your sign-up sheet reservation if you’re not using it
  • Take your belongings with you when you go (if you leave the room, it is up for use by others)
  • Come on in if the room is empty or if it has belongings in it but no people - gather unattended belongings into one corner
  • Share with kindness!

We hope you're having a smooth finals season.