The Milstein Center Wins an AIA/ALA Building Award

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April 11, 2019

Every year, the American Institute of Architecture is partners with the American Library Association to honor the best in library architecture and design. This year, the Milstein Center of Teaching and Learning received the AIA/ALA Library Building Award, the only award that recognizes library structures and all aspects of their design.

The AIA praised the 128,000 square foot Milstein Center as "a new prototype for libraries" that "physically, digitally, and philosophically unites all of the college’s sundry departments and disciplines". The Association ended off the honor with an impactful sentiment: "An embodiment of Barnard’s heralded culture of intellect and collaboration, the center equips the college to continue its support of young women for another 125 years."

Congratulations to all of the architects, engineers, and stakeholders who brought the Milstein Center to life! We are so grateful to have such an amazing space as the hub of campus and will continue to love and utilize the abundance of resources for years to come.