Professor Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi's Fall 2018 class, Histories of Architecture and Feminism, is being held weekly in the reading room of the Barnard Archives. The class introduces students to how archives are constructed, and guides them in following independent research questions using primary and secondary methods. Engaging with the Barnard Archives as an institutional archive, including the Sabra Moore NYC Women's Art Movement Collection and other collections, students will explore how evidence is mobilized in the construction of narratives, and to experiment with the development of “feminist” and “architectural” methods and histories. Then, they will read from a body of literature and develop another archive: a database of direct conversations and interviews (in person and virtually) with others currently engaged in feminist scholarship. The research practice from the course will result in a publication or exhibition to be developed as part of the work in the seminar.

This collaboration has been developed with Shannon and Martha of the Archives, and Meredith Wisner, Librarian of Art and Architecture.