Barnard's Associate Director, Learning Initiatives and Data Services Heather Van Volkinburg and Eric Gaze from Bowdoin College will present Quantitative Reasoning and Data: From Analysis to Visualization as a preconference workshop at the Association of American Colleges & Universities at their Transforming STEM Higher Education themed conference.

Workshop Description
Big data has caught the imagination of the public and the pocketbooks of corporations. Google’s flu trends predict flu outbreaks faster than the CDC—until they don’t. Yes big data offers new possibilities but data is still not information until interpreted by humans. Students need to be critical users of data—fluent in both data analysis and visualization tools. Participants will discuss how to create a curriculum to address these needs; learn how to effectively interpret and use data; and gain concrete ideas for nurturing students who are critical consumers of, and practitioners with data.

The workshop takes place on Thursday, November 6, 2014, 2-5pm, Atlanta, Georgia.