Haiti Solidarity Trip Report-Back at Interference Archive

Feb. 6, 7:00pm
131 #4 8th St, at 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
Accessibility note: Side door has no steps but might be icy.

Barnard Librarian Jenna Freedman traveled to Haiti in January with two other librarians, two technologists and a mentalist and visited several libraries and other education institutions. The librarians and technologists (Eric Goldhagen, Jessa Lingel, Damien Luxe and Melissa Morrone, along with Jenna) will share their what they learned verbally and with photographs. They also promise interstitial cats.

Sites and groups visited include DNL, FOKAL, HELP, KOURAJ, KOVAVIV, SAKALA. Their combined missions emcompass library access, reading, publishing, secondary and higher education, LGBT rights and solidarity, and supporting survivors of gender-based violence.