Writing + Feminism Wikipediathon Roundup

April 5, 2016

Partnering with Barnard alumna and former performing arts librarian Megan Wacha (now at CUNY) librarians Jenna Freedman, Vani Natarajan, and Meredith Wisner hosted a Writing + Feminism Wikipediathon in the library on March 30th. Working with the theme of writing + feminism, participants learned how to create Wikipedia accounts, edit existing articles, and create new ones. Topics included queer women, trans women, zine authors, comparative literature, non-binary writers, publishing houses, and writing collectives.


Vani opened the event by discussing why it’s important that women and non-binary people edit Wikipedia: between 84 and 91 percent of Wikipedia editors are male, creating a dearth of articles about women. Megan followed by introducing the Five Pillars of Wikipedia, teaching how to use Wikipedia markup, and advocating that writers be bold when editing Wikipedia.


Participants created articles for author Carla Trujilo, author Cecily Wong BC '10, zine-maker and activist Nia King, writer tatiana de la tierra, and author (Mary) Terri De la Peña. They also added information to and edited articles about Professor Lila Abu-Lughod, Bahraini activist Maryam_al-Khawaja, legal scholar Patricia J. Williams, writer Rita Mae Brown, poet Suheir Hammad, and the Black Vaudeville performers the Whitman Sisters.


By the end of the night, 20 people attended the event, 12 new accounts were created, and three pizzas were eaten. Thanks to everyone who came!


Feminist Wikipedia Illustration by Suze Myers