Zine Donations arrive at Barnard Library

April 27, 2017

This week, there was an exciting delivery to the Barnard Zine Library - two hefty boxes filled to the brim with zines! 

The zines and minicomics were generously donated by Missy Kulik and Sarah Sawyers-Lovett - two impressive creators in their own right. 

+ Missy Kulik is the author of zines "Cloud Picnic," "Kneehigh," "Yoohoo Haiku," "Dork Lifestyle," "So Meow," and many others with similarly great titles! 

+ Sarah Sawyers-Lovett is the author of multiple zines, including the long-running Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric (now available as a compliation by zine publisher Mend My Dress Press!). She's also the author of the memoir "Everybody Else's Girl," which "tells the story of growing up poor amid unspeakable violence."

The donations also include minicomics, and span from the late 1990's to the present. Some intriguing titles donated: "Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs," "This Body is a Lemon," the 2007 "Starlets of Craft" calendar, and an issue of "Hamsternaut: Pumpkin Goes Into Space." 

Dive right in! These zines will eventually be fully cataloged and shelved among the others, waiting to be read and checked out from the Barnard Zine Library in the LeFrak Center.