This week we added zines about other zines, digital assistants and other smart technology, sex work legislation, cybernetics, screen names, wearable tech, and podcasting.

Gift of the Creator

Xerography Debt #46, edited by Davida G. Breier, 2019

zine cover: xerography debt #46


Acquired at the New York Tech Zine Fair 2018

An Alternative Owner's Manual for Alexa by Rebecca Ricks, Zoe Bachman, and Katrina Peterson, 2018?

Zine Cover: An Alternative Owner's Manual for Alexa

Are You Afraid of the Smart Fridge? by Nasma Ahmed, Sarah Aoun, and Becca Ricks, 2018?

zine cover: Are You Afraid of the Smart Fridge

A Brief Introduction to Fosta-Sesta by Norman Shamas, 2018


Cybernetics of Sex Collection, 2018?:

IRL Names on the Internet: A Conversation by Nasma Ahmed & Becca Ricks, 2018?

Mediating the Body: Wearable Tech and Disembodied Reality by Rebecca Ricks, 2018?

Preserve This Podcast Zine by Dana Gerber Margie, Molly Schwartz, Sarah Nguyen, and Mary Kidd, 2018?

zine cover: Preserve This Podcast


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Activity trackers (Wearable technology).

Artificial intelligence.

Body image.



User interfaces (Computer systems).

Wearable technology.