Cardeology: Fun with Catalog Cards!


Invitation to the Barnard and Columbia communities, friends and neighbors to
re-imagine, transform, and alter retired catalog cards from Barnard Library's vast collection.                   

                                                                                 Tiana Anna Stute (Barnard '15)Stute, Barnard '15                                                                                                                              

Use one card, five, or fifty!

Where? You'll find thousands of cards in the Barnard Library lobby. Pick up a stash of up to fifty cards out of the old catalog drawers.

Return your finished project to the Library's first floor Research Desk along with installation instructions and materials. When you bring in your project, you'll be given a submission form on which to provide your name, contact info, a title for your artwork if you have one, and the materials you used. Also write a description or narrative if you like.                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                  Astrid Cravens, Barnard Archivist

Selected projects will be exhibited throughout the library. Prizes will be given!

Questions? Contact    



Heidi Winston, Barnard Librarian

Credit for inspiring this project goes to the University of Iowa Libraries CARTalog Exhibit and Digital Gallery, which can be viewed here: