Our website redesign was part of a full scale overhaul of Barnard’s web presence. We took it as an opportunity to make our website and interconnected subsites cleaner, simpler, and easier to use. Whether you’re searching for a book, need help with machine learning, or just have to know when Peet’s Coffee closes, you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

In addition to streamlining our existing content, we’ve added new information to help you make even more of Barnard Library. Since moving to the Milstein Center and opening six new Teaching & Learning Centers last year, we have grown the scope of our offerings significantly. The new website invites you to explore our new services and spaces on screen and in person: Discover what equipment is available in the Design Center, how to reserve the Sloate Media Center’s production studio for a video shoot, or where to go when you need a quiet spot to study (psst: it’s the fourth floor, which also houses the Barnard FLIP library). 

The website continues to provide access to information about our book, media, and zine collections; data manipulation from the Empirical Reasoning Center, media equipment checkout, and primary sources from the archives.  

We hope you will enjoy our resources and services online and in person.

With great warmth, 
Jen Green, Dean of BLAIS
Jenna Freedman, Associate Director of Communications
Elana Altman, Academic Technologist - Web & UX