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Zine Workshop for Educators

Over the course of five workshops, teachers, teacher-librarians, artists and zinesters will come together to reflect, make art, write, and learn zine-making techniques. Teachers and teacher-librarians new to zine-making are encouraged to attend. By the end of the series, teachers will create and publish one zine and will be able to bring zine-making to their classrooms.

In this workshop we will:

- Create zines that facilitate reflection, art-making and writing on teaching practice.
- Provide hands-on programming to teachers on how to facilitate zine-making in their classrooms.
- Bring the history and practice of zine creation to public school classrooms across New York City.

Workshop schedule:

July 9th, 4-6pm, Workshop 1: Overview & History of Zines
Learn how to make a one-page zine on 8.5 by 11 paper, create and share.

July 11th, 4-6pm, Workshop 2: Design & Curation of Zines
Brief fundamentals on page layout, cover design, and simple binding techniques. Space to practice zine creation using new techniques.

July 16th, 4-6pm, Workshop 3: Group Brainstorm & Work Space
Participants will share ideas for what class could collectively make zine about or independent zines. Peer editing, create rough drafts, sketches.

July 18th, 4-6pm, Workshop 4: Zines in the Classroom
Zines in the Classroom.

July 23rd, 4-6pm, Workshop 5: Finalize and Finish Zines
Co-create a zine to represent a teaching theme or work independently to create their own zine. In the last workshop we will print, fold, cut and finalize zines.