Zine Collection Covered in the Eye

The Barnard Library Zine Collection was profiled in The Eye magazine, "Welcome, Zinesters: Rollerderby and Riotgrrrls Find a Home in the Barnard Library" by Frances Corry.

Opening paragraph:

I carried one issue of Rollerderby around in my backpack from May to September last summer. It was overdue by the start of June. I racked up fines, swiftly and surely, until I received irritated, automated emails from the Columbia Library system telling me I had to return it or suffer the consequences. (I decided to suffer the consequences, at least for a little while.) I couldn’t bear to part with it. I came close to memorizing one interview, with some man named Khiron, who quit his high-paying scientist job, divorced his wife who had a nice singing voice, and decided on a whim to buy televisions and live in the woods. On other pages, I learned about Schrodinger’s cat, and about "How to Freshen Up at a Party." I couldn’t help but feel that in that one issue, I had checked out the most valuable piece of literature the entire library system owned.

Emphasis added because we love that quote so much!