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Allison Costa

Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, Movement Lab


Library, Movement Lab


Milstein Center, Room 215


Allison (Allie) Costa (BC’ 19, Dance and Computer Science) is a New York City based dancer, poet, burgeoning choreographer and computer scientist focusing on human-­computer interaction.

Fascinated with finding ways to visualize the intangible, she is experimenting with using technology to expand our understanding of human movement potential, as well as using graphics and dance to physicalize data; the immaterial information “stored” in computers. In Spring 2019 she investigated inherent movement inclinations in dancers as a Student Artist in Residence at the Movement Lab. Specifically, she examined improvisation and how, if given feedback via technology, a dancer can adjust their movement to minimize redundancy and expand their range. She hopes to unite the two universal languages of dance and technology to engage a larger audience and breakdown the gap between these two symbiotic fields.

Please contact her for questions concerning the Movement Lab or project development.