Heather Van Volkinburg

Associate Director of Learning Initiatives and Data Services

I manage the Empirical Reasoning Lab and I serve as the Personal Librarian for Economics and Sociology.

I have PhD in Psychology with a focus in Cognitive Psychology. My research in Psychology focused on the perception and memory of time, or in other words, how we learn about time from our environment and how we remember and use that information. As an undergraduate I worked on a project revitalizing a Native American Language (Mutsun) with no living speakers using primary source materials while getting my BA in Linguistics, so I have a very varied research background. My current work focuses on supporting the use of data across the curriculum by developing online resources, conducting workshops and training sessions, providing consultations, and developing means for increasing confidence in using quantitative and qualitative data in research and education.   

Check out the research guides for the following disciplines: 

Data & Statistics

I also offer:

  • Instruction in data analysis technologies such as
    • Excel (& all Microsoft applications)
    • SPSS, Stata
    • Social Explorer
    • Atlas.ti
  • Instruction in research methods and library research
  • One-on-one consultations to
    • Act as a sounding board for research topics
    • Find relevant and appropriate literature
    • Search using databases and/or CLIO
    • Help with citation management software
  • Design of course-specific research guides & subject specific research guides
  • Collection development to support faculty and student research



208G Lehman

PhD, Columbia University
MPhil, Columbia University
MA, Columbia University
BA, University of Arizona