Increased Accountability by the Numbers: Making the Most of in Academia

Thursday, April 26
BLAIS Lab (Library 1st floor)

In 2009, was launched as part of President Obama's Open Government Initiative in order to increase the transparency of the U.S. government and provide access to the myriad datasets federal agencies produce. With corporate interests increasingly commercializing data, is an essential resource for researchers. Not only does it provide invaluable data applicable across a range of disciplines to investigate and analyze, but also increases awareness of and discussion about open data access policies and information accountability. In a brief introduction to the interface, graduate school intern Robert Moeller (MSILS in progress, Pratt Institute) will explain the types of data held in this repository, when to consult it, what to expect, and the tools available for analysis at any skill level. The topics covered will range from the availability of raw data sets ready for statistical analysis in multiple disciplines down to the apps produced by a community of users which are available for free download.

As always, colleagues, students or faculty who may be interested are invited to attend as well.