Personal Librarian Services

Lois Coleman
Lois Coleman
Science Librarian
Constellation Octans

Jenna Freedman

Women's Studies
  & Zine Librarian
Constellation Microscopium

Vani Natarajan

Humanities & Area Studies
Constellation Pyxis

Miriam Neptune
IMATS Specialist
Constellation Fornax

Lisa Norberg

Dean of BLAIS
Political Science Librarian
Constellation Telescopium
Shannon O'Neill

  College Archivist
History Librarian
Martha Tenney

Digital Archivist
American Studies Librarian
Heather Van Volkinburg
Heather Van Volkinburg
Data Librarian
Economics & Sociology Librarian
Megan Wacha

Performing Arts
Constellation Lyra
Heidi Martin Winston 

Art and Architecture Librarian
Constellation Pictor

Our Personal Librarian program gives library users a personalized and direct link to the library. Each first year student, each constellation, and each academic department is matched with a librarian who serves as their main point of contact for the library - a go-to person for all things library-related. 

We also provide

The Barnard librarians welcome questions from anyone in the Barnard/Columbia community.  IM us using the chat box on the home page, text us from your mobile phone at 386-BARNARD (386-227-6273), visit, email or call us.


Department/Program Librarian
Africana Studies Vani Natarajan
American Studies Martha Tenney
Anthropology Vani Natarajan
Architecture Heidi Winston
Art History Heidi Winston
Asian & Middle Eastern Cultures Vani Natarajan
Biological Sciences Lois Coleman
Chemistry Lois Coleman
Classics & Ancient Studies Jenna Freedman
Comparative Literature Vani Natarajan
Computer Science Lois Coleman
Dance Megan Wacha
Economics Heather Van Volkinburg
Education Lois Coleman
English Vani Natarajan
Environmental Science Lois Coleman
Film Studies Miriam Neptune
French Vani Natarajan
German Vani Natarajan
History Shannon O'Neill
Department/Program Librarian
Human Rights Lisa Norberg
Italian Vani Natarajan
Jewish Studies Vani Natarajan
Mathematics Lois Coleman
Medieval & Renaissance Studies Heidi Winston
Music Megan Wacha
Neuroscience & Behavior Lois Coleman
Philosophy Heather Van Volkinburg
Physical Education Lois Coleman
Physics & Astronomy Lois Coleman
Political Science Lisa Norberg
Psychology Lois Coleman
Religion Lois Coleman
Slavic Vani Natarajan
Sociology Heather Van Volkinburg
Spanish & Latin American Cultures Vani Natarajan
Theatre Megan Wacha
Urban Studies Heidi Winston
Women's Studies Jenna Freedman



If you have not had a Personal Librarian assigned to you...

If you are a Barnard student, faculty member or administrator, and would like to request a Personal Librarian, please e-mail