Barnard Library Community Agreements

Community Agreements

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This document lays out expectations for the library community. It is an evolving document that is updated periodically with input from library staff and library users. BLAIS staff aim to create a library environment in which participants use shared resources in a respectful manner. We ask that patrons hold themselves and each other accountable to this community agreement and facilitate a shared experience that fosters learning, studying, and interacting. The library is a working space for students, faculty, and visitors, as well as library staff. The library is a collaborative environment. Within this environment we are committed to upholding the following values:

  • Inclusivity and anti-oppression: We provide a space where people can expect to work in an atmosphere free of racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, and unjust attitudes, comments, behaviors, and actions.

  • Privacy: BLAIS staff protect the privacy of reading, scanning, borrowing, consultations, research, and inquiries. User borrowing records are not saved.

  • Support: We want the library to be a welcoming and positive space.

The Barnard Library in the Milstein Center is a site of quiet and collaborative study, as well as a place for consultations with Personal Librarians, Archivists, and Empirical Reasoning Center staff. It contains seminar and library instruction classrooms and an active circulation and reserves checkout desk. Despite the louder interactions that are sometimes part of the library's function, we do our best to maintain the reasonable amount of quiet that many of our users expect.

Barnard Library at Milstein Center. Floor 4: Independent Study. Floor 3: Independent work and conversation. Floor 2: Collaborative work. Floor 1: Socialize and study.
  • We try to maintain more quiet on the fourth floor of the library and where there are private study carrels.
  • In the rest of the library, where there are group study tables, centers, and classrooms, more discussion and conversation may be taking place.
  • In all areas of the library, it is best if music is played through headphones and cell phone talking is restricted to emergencies. All other cell phone calls should be answered/made in the lobby of the Milstein Center.

If one library user asks another to adhere to these agreements (e.g., take a phone call outside), we expect both parties to acknowledge and consider each other’s requests and responses in a respectful manner. When necessary, a supervisor from the circulation desk can be brought in to help.

Other study areas on campus include the Diana Center, which offers additional spaces for group study, and Altschul Atrium for quiet study.

All of our seating complies with ADA requirements. There is one adjustable height computer station. We prioritize seating for currently enrolled students, and among currently enrolled students, we prioritize seating for those who are studying or conducting research. In times of heavy demand for seats, circulation desk supervisors may enforce library priorities by asking people not currently enrolled in the college to make room for those who are. Library staff can recommend other campus locations as needed.

We ask library users to help us take care of the space.

  • Please place trash in trash cans and recycling in recycling bins.
  • Please notify library staff if a bathroom is out of supplies or messy and in need of attention.
  • During periods when the library is open 24/7 and unstaffed at night, you may need to call Public Safety in Barnard Hall, who can contact housekeeping staff.
  • Library users are wise to pay attention to power cords on the floor, and when charging their own devices to do so as unobtrusively as possible.
For bathroom restocks, clean-ups, building concerns, contact Facilities: 212-854-2041. For personal and public safety concerns, call Public Safety: 212-854-3362

Equipment and Library Materials 

Our equipment and resources are meant to be shared equitably by members of our community. Please remember to check out our zines and library books before leaving the library. If you find that any of our equipment (computers, scanners, printers, etc.) is not working, please contact the circulation supervisor at the desk. Please respect library staff by remembering that access to the area behind the circulation and reserves desk is restricted. Materials can only be checked out during times the desk is staffed.

Together we create and uphold an environment that celebrates inclusivity, anti-oppression, privacy, and positivity. If a violation of the Community Agreements is reported or witnessed, the library user will be asked to change their behavior and/or leave the library. In order to uphold the Community Agreements the following will be the course of action applied to behaviors that violate the agreement:

  • A respectful request will be made by library staff to the library user to refrain from behavior that goes against the community agreements. The library staff member will call attention to the Community Agreements.

  • If the behavior is not immediately changed, a second respectful request will be made by the library staff.

  • If the behavior continues after the second request, the library staff member will ask the library user to leave the library for not acting in accordance with the Community Agreements. The library user will be notified that Public Safety will be informed.

  • If the library user continues to ignore the community agreement and is still in the library when the Public Safety Officer arrives, the Public Safety Officer will escort them from the library

If any library user wishes to file a complaint, the library staff member will record the request, concern, or complaint provided by the library user and submit that information via email to their supervisor. Library staff are to include the name, email, and phone number of the personal initiating the complain, or note if the visitor refuses to provide contact information for follow up. If a visitor indicates that they wish to use an alternative method of voicing their complaint, they can email BLAIS Dean Jen Green at If a library user alleges discriminatory or harassing behavior of any type, they may file their concern as noted above or may be referred to Molree Williams-Lendor, Title IX Coordinator, at